Here at MED HOLIDAY DIRECT, we are always looking for ways to not only save our Members money, but to also provide great experience and exceptional customer service. This is why we are part of a thirty year vendor alliance that originally started as a private VIP shopping club similar to Costco and/or Sam's Club.

We surveyed our over 12 million members and discovered the largest requests were for better pricing on condos and hotels for their families. Utilizing the incredible power of our Membership numbers we entered into strategic vendor alliances with every major travel providers in the world.

MED HOLIDAY DIRECT Members currently enjoy discounts on hundreds of thousands of hotels, resorts, condos, cruises even car rentals below is a sample of your savings.

Just take a look below at just a small sample of the savings our Members enjoy. Didn't think you could save so much in such a diverse range of vacation locations and everyday shopping needs? Now you can.